$OCEAN | Ocean Protocol

  • Publish, Buy, and Stake data.
  • Earn by selling, staking or creating FORK of OCEAN MARKET DATAPLACE
  • Data is published as interoperable ERC20 data tokens.
  • Privacy-preserving.
  • Universal login via Web 3 wallet.


  • Independent Living At Home With Sensors & Insurance — Motion sensors are placed around the home, which feeds data into AI and algorithms to detect day-to-day abnormal conditions.
  • Health Data Sharing With ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS1 way to manage the dosage of Blood thinning treatment is to monitor a patient's INR (international normalized ratio), with the help of ConnectedLife this data can be directly transferred to Hospitals.
  • Thai Ministry Of Health and Public Sanitation — NextBillion is working with Ocean Protocol to develop a data-sharing marketplace that is geared to both NGOs and Enterprises.

Enterprise Partners -

  • Daimler AG — Ocean Protocol delivers Proof-of-Concept for Daimler AG in collaboration with Daimler South East Asia.
  • dexFreight — dexFreight and Ocean Protocol are building the first Web3 marketplace for the logistics industry to unlock and monetize data.
  • MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) — Using blockchain and related technologies to make mobility safer, greener, and more accessible.
  • Roche Diagnostics — Using Ocean Protocol, private medical real-time data can be transmitted, viewed, and shared from patients’ self-monitoring device to medical professionals and institutions, allowing faster feedback to patients and greater access to data from patients with chronic heart conditions by stakeholders.
  • Xprize — Ocean Protocol helps to bring data and information to the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE® participants.
  • Zühlke — The goal of the collaboration is to create solutions for pharma, MedTech, and life science companies that facilitate an open data economy for healthcare without losing control over the data.

Service Partners -

  • DAC — Ocean works with DAC to create Data-Driven Marketplaces, powered by Blockchain.
  • Protofite — Ocean Protocol partners with ProtoFire to build dApps.

Ecosystem Collaborators -

  • Balancer — Ocean Market supports the automatic determination of price using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) powered by Balancer.
  • Certik — CertiK combines leading formal verification technology with best-in-class cybersecurity experts to deliver end-to-end security services.
  • Chainlink — Chainlink provides Ocean with a high-quality, reliable oracle service for our smart contracts to access important off-chain information to trigger certain transactions.
  • Data Natives — Data Natives bring together diverse strands of the global tech community. They aim to educate and inspire their 70,000+ community members and motivate them to shape the innovations of tomorrow.
  • Fabric Ventures — Fabric Ventures applies a traditional long-term venture approach to investing in scalable decentralized networks and provides ongoing advice and support to the Ocean Protocol team.
  • Filecoin — With ProtoFire, we’re building integrating Filecoin tech into our marketplace for an optimized experience.
  • Gitcoin — Gitcoin is a community of 40K open-source developers working remotely to build in Web3.
  • ITU — The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a specialized agency of the United Nation. BigchainDB GmbH, the company behind Ocean Protocol, is an associate member of the SG20 group which aims to address the standardization requirements of IoT, initially focusing on IoT applications in smart cities & communities.
  • Messari — Messari is building an open data library and curation tools that help researchers, investors, and regulators make sense of the crypto-asset industry.
  • Molecule — Winners of the Network Integration track in the inaugural Ocean Data Economy Challenge, Molecule is changing the pharmaceutical industry with reward-driven fundraising for the next therapeutic breakthrough.
  • Outlier Ventures — Outlier Ventures focuses on the convergence of blockchains with artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and robotics and has collaborated with Ocean on expanding the Token Engineering community.
  • RadicalxChange — RadicalxChange is a global movement dedicated to reimagining the building blocks of democracy. Ocean and RadicalxChange team up on events about the future of data.
  • SingularityNET — SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. In a joint effort, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol leveraged AI for social impact to launch COVIDathon.
  • Token Engineering — Token Engineering aims to establish a body of theory, practice, tools, and a sense of responsibility for building successful and sustainable blockchain token economies.
  • Web3 Foundation — Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams who are building the foundation of the decentralized.
  • Weeve — Weeve offers security-by-design technology solutions to help companies make use of data in an increasingly connected world.
  • YesDelft! — YesDelft! Is a leading tech incubator in Europe, providing services to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.

ROADMAP 2021 -

Token Economics -

  • Total Supply — 1.4B
  • Circ. Supply — 419M

Technical Analysis -

  • Currently at $0.55 with an approx Mcap of 230M
  • On the weekly, it broke the 150-day trendline, making it more bullish than ever.
  • As soon as the price crosses the $0.6 mark it will b unstoppable IMO.
  • I see this project as a multi-billion dollar Mcap, as DATA is very valuable n OCEAN helps to keep it private and secure.
  • Long term targets are $5+ IMO



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